Detox During Lyme

For successful treatment of Lyme and coinfections, I feel that a detox routine that works for you is vitally important before starting the antimicrobial part of treatment.  The body must be able to evacuate waste effectively!  This is my list of favorite detox methods:

Epsom Salt Bath ~ The skin is our largest organ, so it is a great place to start .  Fill your tub with hot (does not need to be scalding hot) water and two cups of Epsom Salt.  Soak a minimum of 20 minutes.  Magnesium sulfate is absorbed into the skin, which helps to draw the toxins out of the body.  Be sure to shower after to rinse the residue off of your skin.

Lemon Water ~ Put mountain spring water (or water with no fluoride) in a glass (not plastic), and put 1-3 drops of lemon essential oil in it.  Oil is better than lemon juice as it doesn’t damage your tooth enamel.  Drink a few glasses a day to stimulate the liver and help it send waste out.

Body Brushing ~ There are several benefits to body brushing, but the most important is stimulation of the lymphatic system.  This system is responsible for removing toxins from the body.  I find that doing this before an Epsom Salt bath (or shower) is a great way to detox, relax, and sleep well after.

Activated Charcoal ~ Charcoal is an over the counter detox aid that is good to have in any home regardless of chronic illness or not.  It can be purchased in capsule form, and taken with a big glass of water.  Charcoal is highly absorbent, and “mops” up toxins from the body.  This should not be taken anywhere near your other medications or supplements ~ a minimum of two hours away from all other things including food.

Alka-Seltzer Gold ~ Alka Seltzer Gold (must be the gold) is a great tool for people that are herxing from Lyme Disease.  ASG changes the alkalinity of the body rapidly, giving relief from digestive upset that sometimes occurs during treatment.  It also helps the body to detox, and provides relief from herx symptoms.  It can be hard to find, so ask the pharmacist if it can be ordered into the store for you, or you can get it on Amazon.

Cholestyramine (CSM) ~ This is available as a prescription, so you will need to talk to your doctor about using this detox method.   CSM will remove biotoxins from the system.  When taken away from food, it is also shown to lower cholesterol.  Using CSM is considered “off-label” – meaning detox is not a use that was discovered by clinical trial, but more anecdotal findings through doctors that prescribe it.


Liposomal Glutathione ~ This is an antioxidant that is highly effective for detoxification.  Use with caution until you know how you react to it.  Some people report headaches when using this.  People with Babesia can have a sensitivity to it when not far along enough in treatment.


Other things we do to detox are craniosacral therapy using our Biomat, and Reiki.  We worked with essential oils as well.  I know there are numerous herbs and tinctures, but some of these methods also stimulate a release of heavy metals into the system which requires the guidance of a physician to monitor.


If you need help navigating the Lyme maze, I offer health coaching.  Click here to read more information.


7 thoughts on “Detox During Lyme”

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  2. CVS pharmacy carries Alka Seltzer Gold in many of their stores. Go online to see if a store near you has it, if not you can order it from their web site. It’s less expensive than at Amazon, where at times I’ve seen it for 10 times the CVS price (yes you read that right!).


  3. Thanks so much for these suggestions! I was recently diagnosed with late-stage Lyme and I am working on reducing symptoms.

    Anyways, my main questions about your post are:
    1. How often and what dose do you use activated charcoal?
    2. How often do you take epsom salt baths?
    3. How often do you body-brush?
    3. What method of detoxing works best for you?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, Amanda!


    1. Hi, there ~

      Activated charcoal is great when you are in an active phase of your treatment protocol as it will help to mop up toxins and send them to the intestines where you can then evacuate them through the bowels. So, this can be tricky to answer depending on your protocol. I find it works best when you can take 3-4 hours away from all other meds and supplements, and this can be tricky as many Lyme patients take things throughout the day. I am a very conservative doser, so always start with one capsule and work from there.

      Before remission, Epsom Salt baths were a daily thing, with body brushing immediately before it to stimulate the Lymph so the detox bath would be more effective.

      I used a combination of all the things on this list. I think it important to do things to detox every single day while treating Lyme.

      If you would like to talk more, we can set up a phone appointment for a health coaching session. My rates can be found on the Services page here in my site.




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