Meet Dahl Holistic Health

Hello, and welcome to Dahl Holistic Health! We are Amanda & Christopher Dahl, and we’re thrilled you’ve found us and want to hear a bit of our story.

The Dahl Family Journey

Dahl Holistic Health springs from our family’s long and difficult journey with Lyme disease. It was so exhausting and defeating at times. Well, most of the time, if we’re being honest.

Then we discovered the gift of energy healing, and everything changed.

We firmly believe that healing can happen. Even for you. Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything without success. Even if, especially if, you’ve wondered if it’s worth continuing to try.

As a husband and wife team, we bring unique perspectives to our practice that meet a wide range of needs. Our journey has brought us from New England to Southern California, and now we have the privilege of working with clients around the world.

Our Values

We want to be clear in how and why we serve our clients so that you know who you are trusting with your wellness. It’s a sacred honor to walk with someone on their path to healing, and we don’t take that privilege lightly.

  • We value the creation of a safe space where you can explore healing modalities that may be new or challenging for you.
  • We value your unique journey back to optimum health, freedom from chronic pain, and your right to enjoy a healthy life.
  • We value an integrative and holistic approach to wellness that utilizes a variety of healing modalities.


When I learned that my beautiful family of three all had Lyme disease, I had a new passion and purpose: healing my son, my husband, and myself. There had to be a way, and I was determined to find it!

I worked in the healthcare field for ten years, both in insurance and for hospital programs. I understood a lot of the ins and outs of the medical industry, but it wasn’t giving our family all of the answers we needed.

The relentless pursuit of knowledge and support eventually led me to help other individuals and families impacted by Lyme. In 2014, it led me to Reiki and the practice of energy healing, which shifted everything for our family.

Finally, we found a way to receive the gift of healing and remission, and it became our mission to share that with others.

I began taking Reiki classes, eventually becoming a Certified Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master and RKMRI Medical Reiki Master. This led to additional certifications as a Biomagnetic Therapist, Holistic Health Consultant, Master Herbalist, EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner, Biofield Balancing Practitioner, and Emotion Code Practitioner. I have the honor of working with clients using all of these modalities to help them heal from a wide range of challenges.

While many clients seek me out for my background and experience with Lyme, I help people with a number of long-term and chronic health challenges.  This includes:

Lyme and coinfections of Lyme
Mold – in the home and the body
Detoxification of the body
Gut health
Trauma healing
Microbial illness
Brain fog
Limbic System Impairment
Cardiac issues
…and more.

It’s my absolute joy and honor to be part of each client’s journey and encourage them with hope and the knowledge that healing can happen.

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher/Practitioner
  • Biomagnetic Therapy
  • RKMRI Certified Medical Reiki Master
  • Master Herbalist
  • Holistic Health Consultant
  • EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner
  • Biofield Balancing (Tuning Forks)
  • Crystal Healing
  • Angel Healing
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy


Reiki has been transformational in my healing journey with Amanda and our son. It has also included a deeper dive into the spiritual and emotional side, particularly in relation to traumatic events. Not everyone recognizes and validates this piece of the puzzle when pursuing wellness.

Because of my background and ongoing work in the IT world, many people are surprised by this “nonlinear” side that I have. But the truth is, I’ve felt and experienced energetic healing and restoration on such a personal level that I have to share it.

Minds, math, science, spirituality-they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I embrace all of it in my life and in my practice as a Soul Coach and Reiki Master.

I understand what it is to feel stuck in your spiritual or emotional wellness, and it’s an honor to help clients unblock their way forward. There can be any number of obstacles that stop people from achieving optimal health and wellness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t remove or at least navigate those obstacles.

Clients often choose to work with me when they need to release and recover from past trauma. Frequently, they have experienced physical healing but recognize that there are more layers to address. Partnering with clients in this vital work is a privilege beyond measure.

  • Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher/Practitioner
  • Crystal Healing
  • Angel Healing
  • Ongoing Coursework for Soul/Spiritual Coaching


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