Energy Healing

Your care at Dahl Holistic Health – Remote Lyme Disease Recovery Specialist is fluid and malleable to work with what your body needs at any given time. Sometimes that may be energy healing. At other times, coaching might be the best fit. We don’t put you or your healing in a box.

We have many ways to work with clients, so at your appointment time, we discuss what would be most supportive for you that day.


Reiki tends to be what most people think of with energy healing, and it is a highly effective modality which we offer virtually.  This Japanese healing modality is a non-invasive way to help people release stress, anger, and trauma by realigning and unblocking their body’s energy. It is common for clients to become deeply relaxed and calm as their energy realigns, and many fall asleep.

At the start of your session, we discuss what you’d like to accomplish during our time.  After you give permission for the connection to be made with your energy field (this is like connecting through wifi), your practitioner will transmit healing energy to you.  This is not the practitioner’s energy, but energy intended for you that is already around you.

We are often able to combine other modalities into your session, which are optional and at no additional charge.  This include magnets to reduce inflammation in the body, crystals to amplify energy in different areas of the body, and your angels for comfort and healing.

Biomagnetic Therapy

This powerful modality uses rare earth magnets of specified strengths in different areas of the energy field. The magnets work by balancing your body’s pH to promote healing and detoxification.

At the start of a virtual session, we discuss what the goal is for our time.  After permission is granted to connect to the energy field (like wifi), your practitioner will do an energetic scan of the body to find blockages. Magnets are then strategically placed in the energy field to restore balance and remove any blockages.  Once the magnets are in the correct positions, they stay there for 20 minutes while you relax. 

Biomagnetic therapy is not available for clients with any of the following situations:

  • History of chemotherapy (Contact to discuss exceptions.)
  • History of radiation treatment (Contact to discuss exceptions.)
  • A pacemaker or electronic medical device in the body
  • Magnetic metal in the body (Please check with your dentist or doctor first about any metal in your body.)
  • Pregnant or could be pregnant
  • Have had an organ transplant
  • Have had a skin graft

Emotion Code

This unique form of energy work recognizes that our emotions each have an energetic frequency. Emotions such as guilt and fear have very low frequencies, while emotions such as peace and love rank very high.

Emotion Code works with the understanding that emotions can be trapped in our bodies, creating physical dis-ease and emotional instability. Often, this occurs due to past traumatic events, such as abuse, injuries, chronic stress, and more. During a virtual session, your practitioner works to identify these trapped emotions through energy sensing and release them one at a time. 

The benefit of Emotion Code is it does not require revisiting trauma in order to release these pieces of it, so space is created in the body for healing to occur.  The client does not need to identify where the identified emotions come from.  Full release generally requires several virtual sessions, as adults hold between 500-1000 trapped emotions on average.  This modality also benefits children, as trapped emotions can be released and prevent dis-ease from taking hold.

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