During your virtual session, we will begin with asking for your permission to work remotely in your energy field. This also allows us to discuss any injuries or medical devices we should bypass in our work.When we are ready to start, you are encouraged to find a calm place to lie down, uninterrupted. Water, tissues, and a blanket are recommended. Gentle music, a diffuser with your favorite oils, and soft lighting can help with relaxation.When the energy work is complete, we discuss the findings, next sessions, and aftercare. You will be sent a full note from the session when we are done.


Coaching is done over the phone or Zoom. To prepare for your session, be sure to update your spreadsheet (if we are working with you on organizing supplements). You can use your notes from the previous session to see what the action items/goals are, which we will discuss in this appointment.Have a quiet place to relax while we are in our session. At the end, we will discuss goals and next appointments to schedule. You will be sent a full note from the session when we are done.


When studying Quantum Physics, one learns that there is no difference between energy and matter. A human being is in a constant state of resonance/vibration, and this movement affects the subtle energy that ultimately affects our health and wellness.Energy medicine (EM) is a branch of integrative medicine that studies the science of therapeutic applications of subtle energies – Reiki and Biomagnetic Therapy fall into this category. Where allopathic medicine focuses primarily on the physical organs and functions of the body, energy medicine puts the focus on the subtle energy field of the body. This includes the energy that moves through the cells of the body to assist humans with processing light, sound, and other frequencies that move through the energy system of the body. These frequencies assist the body with regulation of immune function, tissue regeneration, organ function, and the endocrine system, which is part of the chakra system of the body. All of this information makes up the human biofield or human energy field.

Each of the organ systems of the body is a channel for communication. Scientists have found that there are EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) surrounding and flowing through the body in the form of electricity, with the heart having the highest activity. They have also found that the nervous system is constantly transmitting information between the brain and the body, and information affects our emotions and sense of self.

Energy Medicine practitioners study the human energy field, chakras, energetic meridians, and how it all ties together with the physical organ systems of the body. This is often referred to as mind-body medicine.

Practitioners can feel the movement of the HEF, as well as imbalances, and are able to influence these area’s energy to bring them back to balance, or homeostasis. Because the human energy field is connected to the quantum energy field, practitioners are able to work with clients remotely to balance the HEF.

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