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In 2013, after 20 years of unexplained illness, my husband and I were diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.  This was shortly after my son was diagnosed with Autism and Chronic Lyme, and the naturopath recommended that my husband and I be tested.

My husband and son were able to begin courses of several antibiotics, but I could not due to allergies to them.  The doctors I consulted with were not quite sure what to do with me, as somehow antibiotics were involved with all of their protocols.

I focused on modifying my diet to be gluten free and started limiting sugar.  I also worked with the naturopath to balance my hormones.  And, I worked on finding ways to reduce stress.  This was NOT easy as my whole family was sick and I was devastated.

In May of 2013,  my son had a major reaction to one of the antibiotics and woke up with a head-to-toe rash and was unable to breathe.  I made a promise then and there that if we made it to remission from Lyme, I would spend the rest of my life helping others find hope and healing from this debilitating disease.

In 2014 we had the opportunity to move from New England to Southern California.  We were all still stumbling through treatments until we started working with a naturopath that was familiar with treatment options for Autism and Lyme.  She offered choice for treatments to try, and my family was able to start a protocol in 2015 that led to us being in remission by early 2016.

This whole time, I researched Lyme and Autism treatments during any moment I could, and wrote about our daily lives on a blog.  I became active in online support groups for Lyme and Autism, and became a parent mentor for TACA (Talk About Curing Autism). People that needed help started contacting me directly, and it helped me to realize that my promise was becoming a reality, and Dahl Holistic Health was born.

What started out with health coaching has grown into consulting for people that are interested in using essential oils, herbs, and biomedical treatments for their health and healing.  I’ve helped people with everything from common ailments to long-term illness.  This past year I started offering Reiki to clients, which is a Japanese relaxation and healing technique.  I also offer Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.  I’m currently studying to be a natural health consultant and master herbalist.

I look forward to helping you on your healing journey.

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