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What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation and stress reduction technique. The practitioner uses a series of hand positions over energy centers of the body to promote healing, and can calm by activating the relaxation response.  It has been scientifically shown to decrease pain, speed healing, and relax the mind and body. It can only do good and can never cause harm.  We work with adults and children.

This can be done in person or remotely, and is a wonderful option for those that are unable to travel. Reiki does not have a religious affiliation, and people of all faiths and beliefs enjoy it. It is not to be used as a substitute for conventional medicine, but is a perfect compliment to it!

Note: We use the Usui Reiki Ryoho system of Reiki, and are certified Reiki Master Practitioners/Teachers.

Receiving a Session:

The session begins with the person laying (fully clothed) on their back on a massage/Reiki table.  We always talk about what the person receiving Reiki would like to work on.  We then turn on soft music, diffuse essential oils if the client prefers, offer a soft blanket, and dim the lights.  After asking permission to place hands on the person’s head, the practitioner uses quantum/source energy to replenish and balance the body and mind, chakras, aura, and hara line.

There are multiple hand positions used over the energy centers of the body from the head to the feet.  If there are sensitive areas, such as injuries or medical devices, we will discuss how to do Reiki there or avoid them if preferred.

It is common for the person receiving Reiki to go into deep relaxation, and often will fall asleep.  A session typically lasts 45 minutes.  When done, the practitioner will gently touch your shoulder and guide you back to being fully awake, and give recommendations for after-care and follow-up sessions.

*Virtual/distance sessions are much the same as in-person.  We ask that clients relax on a bed, couch, or recliner while we connect with their energy field and do the same process as described above.  There is a phone call before and after to discuss needs and findings.

Reiki does not take the place of a physician’s advice or treatment plan.  We are not physicians and would never advise you to discontinue or modify current treatment protocols.

If you have any questions about Reiki, contact us and we can set up a time to talk.  Your comfort is important to us.

A session with either Amanda or Chris is $90. A session with Amanda and Chris together is $180. We work with adults and children, and animals.

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