I was first introduced to Reiki by Chris in a chance encounter.  My husband is a good friend of his and he scheduled to meet up with him when we visit the West coast.  During that meet, he did a demonstration and explained it briefly what Reiki is. At the time, I wasn’t a spiritual person but this piqued my interest in knowing more about it.  Since I live in NJ, Chris recommended that I’d take class locally.

Back home, I took a level 1 and 2 class in the same session and received my attunement and learned the basics of Reiki.  Unfortunately, my teacher wasn’t that helpful after the class. I had many questions that she wasn’t able to provide the answers for.  Since I have a connection in Chris, he was able to fill in a lot of the gaps and was gracious in his time for assisting through text, email, and FaceTime for face to face and to demonstrate techniques.

What I learned from him was way beyond what I learned from my class, and what I got from him was invaluable.  Under his mentorship, I was able to greatly advance my skills in Reiki healing. I have started to put them to good use with people around me locally and distant.  If you are interested in learning Reiki, I would highly recommend Chris in a heartbeat.
Frances, New Jersey ~ August 2018, Email review


Thank you Amanda for the amazing work you are doing!
Jennifer, California ~ May 2018, Facebook review

I can’t say enough about Amanda Dahl.  She is an excellent Reiki practitioner, so if you want to try it, I recommend Reiki and definitely go to Amanda. Who you go to matters a lot with Reiki.  But above and beyond her skill, Amanda is intuitive, thorough, kind, knowledgeable, and always learning a new technique or sharing a new idea. But perhaps the most impressive is how supportive she is.  Very genuine kind words, praise, encouragement and advice, even follow ups between sessions.  Her personal story is very inspiring and she is truly a beautiful person and caring soul.  Make an appointment, and stick with it for a few sessions at least-you will so glad you did.
Laura, California ~ February 2018, Yelp review

Thank you to Christopher and Amanda for facilitating great healing both in the body and the mind.  What sets these healers apart (in my mind) is their desire for your wellness.  I know more Chakra tune ups are in my future but to have some past troublesome issues behind me has been heaven sent!
Jeanne, California ~ December 2017, Yelp review

Amanda and Chris helped me so much during our Reiki session. It was very powerful, and I released a lot of gunk that was (literally) weighing me down. I’ll be seeing them again soon for sure!
Kim, California ~ November 2017, Facebook review

I have been receiving regular Reiki sessions from @dahlholistichealth for some time and to also help support my treatment with Stem Cell Therapy. Her talent and ability astound me! I feel the sessions have really helped maximize the potential from my treatments and have also helped me release so much emotionally creating more room for healing energy in my body. Amanda is so gifted and through this process has become a true friend and great support system. I had a session today that was extra special!! Thank you a million times my dear friend!💟☮️☯️ #reiki #lymedisease#healing #mindbodysoul
Maddie, Utah ~ October 2017, Instagram post

I just got home from the most beautiful Reiki session this evening.. I first heard of, and was curious about Reiki healing many years ago when a stranger randomly told me I was meant to be a healer, which of course I intuitively already knew 😉 I had my first experience with the magic of Reiki when my friend and ND @highfivetohealth told me about the amazing @dahlholistichealth, and I’ll never be the same! Amanda & Chris are literally angels walking around on the planet disguised as humans 🙏🏻 They have helped, inspired, and taught me more than I ever could’ve imagined in a very short amount of time.. I even went ahead and got Reiki 1 certified because of Amanda’s beautiful guidance 🙌🏻 Everything is energy (law of quantum physics), and learning to work with, unblock, & heal the energy centers of our body can be a transcending experience, one that I’ve experienced first hand! Thank you so much to my amazing friends, and truly wise healers ❤️💛💚💙💜
Sarah, California ~ October 2017, Instagram post

Wonderful! I always feel more grounded and balanced after working with Amanda! I have done both in person and distance reiki with Amanda and can feel the healing last a few days afterwards.
Kaylin, Wisconsin ~ October 2017, Facebook review

Lots of good info and support! This is especially good for beginners who are just entering the “oily world”!
Kathy, California ~ July 2017, Facebook review

I recently had a wonderful distance Reiki session with Amanda.  She spent time talking with me about my needs before the session, & we had a brief follow up session the next day.  It was really a peaceful experience & I felt a lot of relief from the stress & sleep difficulties I had been experiencing.  Amanda also gave me some suggestions for how I can boost my evening self-care routine.  Amanda is very professional, kind, & a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to working with her again!
Joy, Pennsylvania ~ May 2017, Yelp review

This was my first experience with Reiki and I was pleasantly surprised! We did a distance reiki session. Amanda was so great to answer all my many questions. She also made me feel very comfortable about the process, which I really appreciated. It was so relaxing I actually feel asleep! Afterword she was able to explain her findings, it was so interesting and uplifting. She is very personable and sensitive to your needs, which I loved. I look forward to working with her more in the future!
Maddie, Utah ~ March 2017, Yelp review

Amanda did two reiki sessions on me, and they were both amazing.  I felt so calm and peaceful afterward.  During the session, I could feel the heat build up inside the area of my body where she was working – very powerful stuff.  I must admit, I was a little skeptical of reiki at first as I’m only just starting to learn about holistic health, but I really felt its healing power with just one session.  In fact, Amanda has introduced me to a whole different world of natural health treatment.  I have many health problems, and Amanda has judiciously helped me with essential oils that I now use successfully to help with symptoms.  She’s been very careful with me since I’m on medications, and I trust her advice completely.
Kim, California ~ January 2017, Yelp review


I have had both Reiki and distance Reiki from Dahl Holistics and both sessions left me feeling renewed and relaxed.  The knowledge of the practicioner along with the calm environment  helped me to an get the most from my session.  They also offer wellness coaching the holistic way.  I will be using them routinely  for my wellness  care.
Nancy, New Hampshire ~ January 2017, Yelp review


I have had some negative experiences with Reiki in the past, and I was a bit hesitant to work with Amanda. BUT, she is such a kind and caring person. She is filled with love, compassion and knowledge. I felt very comfortable working with her. We did a hands on session, where she helped me unblock some serious emotional issues. We also did a distance healing session for some physical ailments I had been dealing with. Afterwards I felt more calm and my body was at ease. I HIGHLY recommend contacting her and having a Reiki session with her. If you are new to Reiki you will be very comfortable with her. If you are an old pro with Reiki you will also love her energy.
Shiloh, California ~ January 2017, Yelp review